Wondering which plan is right for you?

Each package starts with a setup fee which is used to conduct market research with 15 families who will use your product with their families and complete a detailed survey about their experience for our judges to review.

Questions About The Program?

The Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval empowers consumers to make informed purchasing decisions in products they can trust.

When does the subscription fee start?

If you have been notified that your product is a winner (testing is typically 4-6 weeks) we will provide you with a licence agreement for signing and the subscription fee will begin within 10 days of signing. The fees are charged either on the 1st, 15th or 30th of each month. The minimum subscription period is one year.

What happens once testing is complete?

You will be notified of your winning status via e-mail and will receive a license agreement which will be valid for the term of your subscription.

Where can I see my e-reviews from moms?

E-reviews are listed on your new dedicated page on ptpa.com and can be used on various platforms in order to promote your product as trustworthy to consumers.

What happens if my product does not earn the seal of approval?

If your salesperson has indicated that you qualify to submit, then we believe you have a great product worth shouting about from the rooftops! But of course, sometimes even great products have unforeseen issues. If your product does not earn the seal, your monthly fee will NOT be processed and we will provide you with the market research from consumers so you know exactly what needs to be addressed. We will also give you a credit of $300 for future submission.

How long is my subscription?

Regardless of the package you select, your minimum subscription is for one year. By paying your testing fee, you agree that you will continue to pay your monthly subscription for a minimum of 12 months in order to ensure the validity of your license. This agreement will be binding.

What are the different ways I can use the seal of approval once I win?

Depending on the package you have selected, you will be able to leverage the seal as follows: Basic Use of Seal on digital-only (1 website, 1 social platforms-no use on e-commerce) Premium Use of Seal on all digital including E-commerce and all social media platforms Platinum Use of Seal on digital, television, and print with no limitations.

When can I expect to see my Instagram posts, Facebook ad campaign or contest?

Once we have determined that your product is a winner, our campaign coordinator will contact you in order to get your marketing activities scheduled around the timing that works best for you. Conducting a special marketing activity throughout the year? Launching in a new e-store? Let’s build some buzz around those key dates.